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1. Content: tThe author reserves the right not to be responsible for the topicality, correctness, completeness or quality of the information provided. Liability claims regarding damage caused by the use of any information provided, including any kind of information which is incomplete or incorrect, will therefore be rejected. Parts of the pages or the complete publication including all offers and information might be extended, changed or partly or completely deleted by the author without separate announcement.

2. Referrals and links: The author is not responsible for any contents linked or referred to from his pages - unless he has full knowledge of illegal contents and would be able to prevent the visitors of his site from viewing those pages. If any damage occurs by the use of information presented there, only the author of the respective pages might be liable, not the one who has linked to these pages. Furthermore the author is not liable for any postings or messages published by users of discussion boards, guestbook's or mailing lists provided on his page. Also, with giving a link, it is not intended to promote any commercial activities.

3. Copyright and Trade Marks Right: Trade Marks Rights we may arise or are already arisen with respect to the used logo on this website belong exclusively to Oliver-Sascha. Hartmann. All protected trade marks of the author or third parties, which are mentioned within this website are subject to the applicable law and the proprietary rights of the proprietor. It can not be assumed that a sign is not protected by a third party, only because a sign is mentioned in this website. Please click here to be forwarded to the Copyright disclaimer..

4. Privacy policy: If the opportunity for the input of personal or business data is given or the author receives any of these information (email addresses, name, addresses), the input of these data takes place voluntarily. The use of published postal addresses, telephone or fax numbers and email addresses for marketing purposes is prohibited, offenders sending unwanted spam messages will be punished.

5. Legal validity of this disclaimer, jurisdiction and applicable law: This disclaimer is to be regarded as part of the internet publication. If sections or individual terms of this statement are not legal or correct, the content or validity of the other parts remain uninfluenced by this fact. Only the court in Germany/Berlin will have jurisdiction with respect to disputes arisen out of this Website, provided such a jurisdiction clause is valid to the applicable single case. Applicable law is only German Law.

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